Ellie Morris

Launching an online platform to better support and understand complex PTSD


Fabulously Thriving


Yorkshire and The Humber



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Launching an online platform to better support and understand complex PTSD

After years of accessing mental health services, Ellie Morris was diagnosed with complex PTSD. Now that she has finally been able to find the right support, she wants to help others do the same.

Ellie is well qualified in this area. She has worked as an NHS mental health nurse and more recently as a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist.

With Fabulously Thriving, she aims to create an affordable online platform for people with complex PTSD that offers specialist, honest, evidence-based information, as well as opportunities to engage with a supportive community.

With their consent, users’ data will be collected to aid research in this area. This will improve knowledge and understanding of experiences, causes and what can be done to alleviate symptoms.

“I’m on a mission to provide affordable and easily accessible support to people experiencing symptoms of complex PTSD and to shine a light on this poorly understood condition. I have ambitious ideas but didn’t know where to start – the Young Innovators programme has given me the confidence to take the next step,” she says.


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