Claudia MacGregor

Using biodiverse seed shakers to restore the health of green spaces


Soil Snack


South West (England)


Sustainability & Circular Economy

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Using biodiverse seed shakers to restore the health of green spaces

Claudia MacGregor developed a passion for developing edible green infrastructure in urban areas while studying at university, training in permaculture and travelling overseas. After living on a food farm in Portugal and visiting food forests around the world, she saw the potential of biodiversity restoration and regenerative agricultural practices.

Keen to launch a business that gives people solutions to ecosystem destruction and climate change, Claudia started Soil Snack. It provides easy-to-use, portable and biodiverse seed shakers to help people restore the health and nutrients of their green spaces.

The seed shakers will come in different varieties to match customer needs. For example, the “chill” shake will grow into a beautiful array of flowers that can be picked and turned into a relaxing tea.

“I’m passionate about finding a simple and elegant solution that every one of us can take to feel a little less overwhelmed by the climate crisis. As I’m going at this alone, I value the idea of learning from different people’s perspectives, skills and knowledge on the Young Innovators programme,” Claudia says.


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