Callum Wardle

Making rentable children’s beach toys from reclaimed ocean waste


The Ocean Bucket




Sustainability & Circular Economy

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Making rentable children’s beach toys from reclaimed ocean waste

Callum Wardle had the idea for The Ocean Bucket during the first lockdown. As a maker, all he wanted to do was create new things, but shops were closed and he had a limited supply of materials. Then he realised there were materials all around him in recycling bins, sorted, washed and ready for use.

The Ocean Bucket is a set of children’s beach toys made from 100 percent reclaimed ocean waste. They are designed to last a lifetime rather than just one day on the beach, which Callum plans to encourage by operating on a rental basis.

He hopes that The Ocean Bucket can be part of a wider sustainable initiative: to have cleaner beaches, promote more sustainable tourism, and prevent plastic (such as fishing nets) from entering our oceans altogether:

“On the beach, we can let our imaginations run free, and build and create without boundaries. By engaging with the circular economy, we can ensure that the beaches and oceans of tomorrow are preserved and cleaned up for future generations.”

With his idea first developed in the spring of 2021, Callum hopes to launch The Ocean Bucket next summer. He also has dreams of opening a design studio that specialises in creating small interventions that generate big change.



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