Bianca Hennessy

Designing affordable body accessories to match a wide range of skin tones


Bude Body





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Designing affordable body accessories to match a wide range of skin tones

Growing up on a London council estate, Bianca Hennessy always had a passion for entrepreneurship. She came up with the idea for Bude Body after struggling to find body accessories that matched her skin tone.

As Bianca explains, she was “constantly battling” with shades that were either far too light or too dark for her skin tone. She would have to create makeshift accessories by adding face foundation to items like body tape, and couldn’t understand why mainstream stores failed to offer a wider range of shades.

She launched Bude Body to create accessible and affordable products for everyone. After spending the summer testing her samples on her friends and family, Bianca plans to use the funding from the Young Innovators programme to order her first batch of products.

She also hopes to create colour matching technology, so customers can match their skin tone to the product colour they need.

“Winning the Award has really boosted my confidence that I do have good ideas and someone else believes in them – it’s so different from friends and family, who tell me everything I do is a great idea!”


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