Bella Reid

The eco-friendly makeup brush tackling hygiene and sustainability using UVC technology


Clens Cosmetics






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The eco-friendly makeup brush tackling hygiene and sustainability using UVC technology

Bella Reid’s lifelong love of beauty led her to work as a makeup artist (MUA), before training as an industrial designer and engineer. She then worked as a university lecturer, PhD researcher and product designer, when she had the idea for Clens Cosmetics.

Dirty makeup brushes can cause fungal infections, skin breakouts and in some cases, critical illness. Clens brushes have redesigned heads which can be cleaned in minutes using a quick-drying UVC sterilisation system. This truly chemical-free process allows MUAs to clean brushes quickly, avoiding cross-contamination between clients.

The new design is better for the environment too, which Bella hopes will result in less landfill waste. Traditional solvent cleaners contaminate waters, whilst long drying times encourage use of disposable plastic applicators.

Having rebuilt her life after spending years in and out of hospital, Bella wants to inspire and inform others. She explains: “Chronic illnesses and hidden disabilities are greatly misunderstood as many of us appear to be able-bodied when that is simply not the case.”

Bella hopes the Award will continue to build her independence and confidence as an entrepreneur. She’s excited by the guidance and camaraderie offered by the Young Innovators community, and says cosmetics are just the beginning!



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