Anna Wilson

A digital platform that improves musculoskeletal rehabilitation




East of England


Health & Wellbeing

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A digital platform that improves musculoskeletal rehabilitation

Anna Wilson trained and qualified as a veterinary surgeon, before discovering her real passion: technology and innovation in healthcare.

As an elite amateur athlete and member of England’s touch rugby team, Anna has first-hand experience of musculoskeletal injuries. She had her first injury ten years ago and has had a string of injuries since, which have negatively impacted her physical and mental health.

She’s now started Tortoise, an app that empowers people with musculoskeletal injuries to recover and meet their activity goals. The app is currently in the concept phase, but Anna is excited to turn it into a reality with the support of the Young Innovators programme.

She explains:

“When you have physiotherapy, the rehab you do at home is critical to your recovery. However, it’s difficult to fully comply with the best practice rehab program and stay positive whilst recovering. My goal is to empower and support people on this journey, helping them to do the right things at home, recover quickly and stay positive.”


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