Ana-Maria-Diana Canghizer

Using artificial intelligence to democratise gynaecological health


vera AI





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Using artificial intelligence to democratise gynaecological health

Ana-Maria-Diana Canghizer started vera AI after she went through hormonal imbalance and experienced the negative impact of misdiagnosis. The business aims to tackle the misinformation, lack of education and poor patient-doctor relationship surrounding menstrual health.

Vera AI is a gynaecological and hormonal health platform. It is designed to help women and menstruating people follow their hormonal health and get more accurate, timely diagnosis. The platform uses a personalised, interactive artificial intelligence assistant to guide users through their wellbeing journey.

As Ana-Maria-Diana puts it, she hopes vera AI will end the “desperate Google searches”, social media health misinformation and use of confusing hormonal self-test kits.

So far, she has developed a proof of concept lo-fi prototype that has been tested and validated with users, GPs, healthcare and design researchers. Winning the Young Innovators Award has given her validation and further confidence in her idea.

“I feel extremely privileged and honoured to take part in this incredible programme and community of great thinkers. As a woman founder in digital and health tech solutions, this Award gives me validation, networking connections, learning and growth opportunities and further confidence.”


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