Amy Brese

The African-inspired fashion portal offering long-lasting bespoke clothing







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The African-inspired fashion portal offering long-lasting bespoke clothing

Amy Brese’s proud Ghanaian heritage and her obsession with problem-solving were the inspiration for Norvi. It’s an online platform that partners with designers to deliver bespoke African and African-influenced fashion, using artificial intelligence body-measurement solutions.

Amy noticed that many customers in the UK struggled to find occasionwear that fit correctly or matched their style. It coincided with a realisation she’d had on a six-month trip to Ghana, where customers didn’t experience this frustration because occasionwear is bespoke and unique to each customer.

With Norvi, Amy wants to bring the same immaculate fit and limitless designs to the UK. As she explains, customers deserve to have garments they love and that are made to last. Bespoke clothes are a way to make that happen.

She’s currently in the process of testing her idea and is looking forward to developing, launching and evaluating the results of a minimum viable product (MVP).

“I am embarking on a journey where I’m trying to do something that I haven’t seen done before. True innovation demands time, nurturing and the opportunity to fail and learn. This Award is unique in the way it creates an environment that will allow me to do that,” she says.



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