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Demystifying artificial intelligence with practical lessons and peer support


Build Your Artificial Intelligence




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Demystifying artificial intelligence with practical lessons and peer support

When Ali Parandeh decided to make a career transition from mechanical engineering to artificial intelligence (AI), he spent a year studying to break into the field.

During that time, he encountered several challenges. The first was cost – lessons were expensive since the few educators available deliver bespoke tutoring. Many of these lessons were theoretical and rarely linked to the practical application of AI. Finally, there was an overwhelming amount of knowledge required, yet little student support available.

Ali started Build Your Artificial Intelligence based on these experiences. It’s an online platform that aims to make learning practical AI as quick and easy as possible.

The platform includes AI-powered assistance to promote engagement with content and an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Ali also wants to include gamification elements to encourage users to engage with peers and foster a sense of community.

Ali believes the support of the Young Innovators programme will accelerate the platform’s launch time:

“I estimate the media coverage, mentorship and financial support will fast-track our launch time by at least a year and increase adoption rates. Being able to launch quickly is critical in gaining a competitive advantage and I believe that AI skills are critical to the future growth of the UK economy.”



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