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The hybrid aircraft designed to combat illegal fishing and poaching


YEET Aerospace





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The hybrid aircraft designed to combat illegal fishing and poaching

Alasdair Aegerter has always loved aerospace, and has worked in companies including Rolls-Royce, GE Aviation and GKN throughout his career.

After working on some cutting-edge projects, Alasdair decided to fly solo and launch YEET Aerospace. By creating the fast moving, free-thinking and agile environment he believes is required for true innovation, he’s made it his mission to “make an incredible aircraft to take on the world”.

His first prototype, entitled the “plane-o-copter”, is essentially a hybrid: it combines the speed, range and payload of a fixed wing aircraft, with the capability to land anywhere like a helicopter. This prototype is nearing completion, with more advanced versions currently in development.

Alasdair is excited by the potential of these later prototypes, and what they could do for society. He explains:

“The product has real potential to improve the world we live in. This aircraft is going to be used to combat illegal fishing, poaching, human trafficking, illegal logging and a number of other harmful activities. It can also be used to help farmers farm more efficiently, deliver goods or medicine, protect the environment and, eventually, transport people too.”


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