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The automatic food waste separation technology making recycling easier








Sustainability & Circular Economy

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The automatic food waste separation technology making recycling easier

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Abiel believes innovation is key to solving the world’s environmental crisis.

Abiel started Vuala while studying for a Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Clean Tech Innovation. It aims to make food waste recycling easy by using automatic food waste separation technology. The goal is to reduce 100 million tonnes of CO2 in ten years.

Vuala X1 is a bio-mechanical system that integrates specialised microorganisms and bacteria. These automatically liquify and separate food waste from other wastes, turning them into raw material for biogas and animal feed production.

As Abiel explains, the system shifts the conventional focus on food waste treatment to the first stage within the supply chain: waste collection.

After a two-year pilot at a university, Abiel is currently developing the next version of Vuala. He’s looking forward to improving his business acumen through the Young Innovators programme.

“The main reason I was attracted to the Young Innovators Awards is the structured and extensive coverage of the 12-month programme. We’re raising a pre-seed round at the moment so there are several aspects within the programme we will benefit from, like business models and funding and finance,” he says.


A box with Vuala's logo on the cover Foodwaste recycling bin on the street with logo saying Vuala


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