Mayowa Olajide Akinleye, Motivar - Young Innovators Nigeria 2023

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Motivar is a tech-enabled learner support platform for digital education that helps learners achieve their goals by providing incentives, accountability, and communal learning.

Launched in 2021, the company seeks to provide learner-support services and be the easiest way for learners to find, start and complete digital courses. The team of five has just completed the first of four stages of their pilot, with the idea to distribute the service via software products and community centres.

Insightful! The sessions helped me find clarity on the what, and the how. Helping ultimately to improve the chances of Motivar succeeding. That is what i am most grateful for.

– Mayowa Olajide Akinleye, MOTIVAR

About Mayowa Olajide Akinleye

Mayowa Olajide Akinleye is a graduate of Transport and Logistics management from the Federal University of Technology, Akure. His professional and volunteering experience has revolved around impact communication, product management, civic engagement, and advocacy.

For his legacy, he wants to extensively contribute to democratising opportunity. It is why he founded Motivar, a social enterprise that would work to improve the efficiency and distribution of digital education, especially for low income individuals. The journey started when he and a couple of friends launched a program that supported learners in taking online courses during the height of COVID.

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