REWIRE-NW takes a revolutionary mission-oriented approach to the smart local energy system proposition.

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About the project

The project combined the SLES (smart local energy system) framework and a focus on community, local benefit and value retention. Its core objective is the creation of an energy system that is not only optimised and balanced at the local level in energy terms, but also in terms of welfare of, and benefit to, all of its stakeholders. The project focuses on scoping out the business models, institutions, and frameworks needed to deliver smart local energy systems.

What did the project achieve?

  • A digital twin of the Warrington energy system used to simulate potential borough-wide building energy efficiency and retrofit strategies.
  • Development of the smart local energy system company concept reflecting regulatory barriers and potential future operating models.
  • A range of regulatory-compliant smart local energy system business models with attractive rates of return for investors.
  • Improved understanding of smart local energy system enablers including APIs, open data standards, communications infrastructure and regulatory reform.

Key lessons learnt

  1. Delivering smart local energy systems within the current regulatory framework is challenging. The project identified important areas of reform such as giving a clear role to local institutions.
  2. There is a central role for local authorities in delivering smart local energy systems, which can be maximised by integrating them into strategic thinking across the full range of a local authority’s activity.

Next steps

  • Explore the potential for delivery of each of the business models developed in particular the community energy supply business model.
  • Continue developing the digital twin and integrating into wider borough-wide energy planning.
  • The biochar Carbon Capture and Storage business model is being demonstrated with £5 million of funding from the UK Government direct air capture and greenhouse gas removal programme.

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