Future energy and transport tool (FETT)

An electric car and home energy matching web application to help simplify the journey for consumers interested in ‘going electric’.

Lead Organisation

Power My Hub Ltd t/a Power My EV





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Summary: impacts and findings

Through this project, Power my EV significantly enhanced its web application and brought it closer to being a comprehensive tool for EV buyers and people considering home energy choices.

Project aims and approach

The application which was the subject of this project is designed to simplify and enhance the experience of ‘going electric’ and make the electric car the tangible starting point for UK consumers engaging with the net-zero challenge.

The project built on the company’s existing data-driven comparison tool that matched consumers to EVs and clean energy solutions using cross-sectoral data including mobility, energy, finance and irradiance data. This showed users their potential financial and carbon savings.

The product was useful for early adopters but was not yet ready for the mass market and needed enhancement to make it a simple, quick and easy tool for comparing for home energy and EV bundles. This project enabled the necessary research and development to enhance the application.

It had three main areas of focus:

  • wide consumer research to explore the evolving market and define user cases
  • hooking up new data and adding in new features such as ‘current car’ and ‘longer journey checker’ to increase the relevance and accuracy of the application’s results
  • modelling to verify the application’s findings in areas such as carbon savings and total cost of EV ownership.

Below you can watch a detailed ‘show and tell’ presentation about this project, recorded in July 2021.


Power My Hub Ltd t/a Power My EV


April 2021 to June 2021

Achievements and barriers

Through this project, Power My EV advanced its application by integrating new data and functions, validating the models that it uses and carrying out extensive user and market research.

As with all energy data applications projects, access to some datasets proved challenging. The project’s position as part of the Innovate UK Prospering from the Energy Revolution programme was helpful.

Next steps

Although the future energy and transport tool project was not selected to progress to phase 2 funding in the MEDApps competition, the company continued to develop the tool into a mass-market application for EV buyers and energy consumers. The latest version is available at www.lovemyev.com


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