Ruane Construction Design & Consultancy: STEPZERO

An online decarbonisation platform.

Lead Organisation

Ruane Construction Design & Consultancy (RCDC)



Project completed March - June 2023





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About the project

STEPZERO is an online decarbonisation platform that will accelerate the shift towards net zero by providing quick, accessible and meaningful building decarbonisation strategies for existing buildings. STEPZERO will provide any user (regardless of technical knowledge) a clear, costed, decarbonisation strategy for either single buildings or large portfolios.

There are significant skills shortages, and knowledge surrounding best practice is laced with technical jargon, often involving some level of greenwashing. These preventative barriers are delaying and inhibiting decision-makers from acting on decarbonisation projects across the public and private sectors, as well as leading to sub-optimal projects. STEPZERO will fix this.

What has been delivered? What has been successful?

  • Initial calculations that will form the backbone of the project
  • Full development plan
  • Securing of project partners and subcontractors.

What did the project achieve?

A fully realised understanding of what the project will be and how it will all work. It also achieved a real sense of need for such a product through the engagement and feedback we received during our initial research.

Next steps

Full development of the online platform, alongside the refinement of our calculations and machine learning models to ensure the most meaningful data output.


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