QUANTACO: Revolutionising net zero investments across large-scale commercial property portfolios

Empowering real estate owners, investors and managers to make strategic and technical decisions to achieve Net Zero at scale with confidence, through empirical, data-driven strategies and rapid cleantech investment options analysis.

Lead Organisation

Quantaco Ltd




Phase 1 project completed March - June 2023. Phase 2 project in progress.




Phase 1 - £21,974 / Phase 2 - £1.03m (inc. VAT)

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About the project

Quantaco is a market-leading prediction engine which enables low-carbon investment in the built environment to be deployed faster, cheaper, and at scale. Quantaco accelerates non-domestic building decarbonisation by breaking down financial, technical and regulatory barriers. Our solution is designed to take building owners, occupiers and investors through a data-led journey from feasibility all the way to pre-procurement.

In phase 2 of this project, Quantaco will take the product through to testing and validation with ambitious and innovative players in the non-domestic building sector. By the end of phase 2, Quantaco will have demonstrated the value of a unified technical, regulatory and financial analysis that can be used to drive action across a client’s entire portfolio, unlocking significant speed and economies of scale in the decarbonisation of buildings.

Quantaco’s approach unlocks significant scale and speed of deployment by combining technical data from thousands of products, expediting complex thermal performance calculations, and presenting clear recommendations across an entire portfolio. Quantaco prioritises economies of scale to tackle the urgent challenge of decarbonising the UK’s 1.7 million non-domestic buildings.

What has been delivered? What has been successful?

Phase 1 R&D built upon the MVP+ and successfully:

  • Established market need through customer interviews to inform product design
  • Validated the customer segmentation and routes to market
  • Completed thermal storage R&D
  • User journeys refined and front-end designs drafted
  • Phase 2 build and testing specification defined
  • Commercial model R&D completed.

What did the project achieve?

Phase 1 achievements included:

  • Validating the customer challenges, their requirements and key pain points to address
  • Detailing the technical and non-technical approach required to deliver a robust and seamless customer experience
  • Identifying the technical options analysis and validation process required.

Key lessons learnt

  • The varying business requirements for the various stakeholder groups within each organisation
  • The drivers of the various target customer groups (investors-landlords-occupiers) and the challenge of mapping these into the software data flows
  • Addressing the individual data / information requirements of each stakeholder group whilst designing an intuitive and easy-to-navigate software frontend.

Next steps

In phase 2, the Quantaco web application will go through alpha and beta build phases, but additionally by end of project, Quantaco will have a robust commercial strategy, a validated technical model and a solid go-to-market plan.

State of the art research will be conducted on the performance and feasibility of thermal storage technologies, under real world conditions. This continues phase 1 research and development supported by leading experts at Swansea University and integrated into the prediction engine.

The Quantaco web application will undergo further technical development, including a revised UX/UI design based on phase 1 feedback, engagement with the client base and customer insight work from Energy Systems Catapult.

Quantaco will test its commercial proposition with customers. This output will refine and further validate the subscription model, the commercialisation strategy, and prepare Quantaco to launch its go-to-market plan following phase 2.

If you are a property landlord or occupy a portfolio of properties, and would like to be part of Quantaco’s development journey, we would welcome your feedback as part of our alpha and beta testing process.


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