Propflo: Enabling a portfolio approach to net zero retrofitting

Enabling a portfolio approach to net zero retrofitting of mortgaged, shared ownership and private rented properties. AI-powered insights and retrofit engagement for businesses.

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Phase 1 project completed March - June 2023. Phase 2 project in progress.


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About the project

Residential properties account for 20% of global carbon emissions. Making these properties more energy efficient is therefore critical to meet the UK’s legally binding target of net zero by 2050.

Mortgage lenders have 6.2 million owner-occupier, private rented and shared ownership properties below a EPC ‘C’ rating in their portfolios. This represents 24% of residential properties in the UK with over £90 billion of investment needed to get these to at least a ‘C’ rating.

Taking a portfolio approach to net zero upgrades for these properties is key to meeting the UK’s carbon reduction targets, but is more complex given that mortgage lenders are not the decision makers.

In this project, we conducted a feasibility study for developing an end-to-end, data driven, portfolio solution to help mortgage lenders target measures, aggregate demand, lower costs, facilitate significant private investment, and provide an ongoing engagement platform for their customers.

What has been delivered? What has been successful?

  • The project was successfully completed on time and within budget
  • A solution was prototyped and a comprehensive feasibility study was produced that presented the business case for scale and a plan for a large-scale demonstration.

What did the project achieve?

The project enabled Propflo to engage with customers, users and suppliers including over 20 top mortgage lenders to understand needs and testing proposals.

The project also created prototypes of the solution and insights like AI based EPC predictions and a grant eligibility indicator.

Key lessons learnt

  • Lenders are well positioned to act as key aggregators, channels and financiers for retrofit
  • The nuance of the ecosystem means that mortgage intermediaries are key organisations to engage with
  • There is a need for our AI-based EPC predictions and grant eligibility indicator
  • Our grant eligibility indicator can be used to increase inclusion and targeting vulnerable households
  • Potential outcomes of a fully realised solution:
    • £81 billion of private investment leveraged
    • 101 million t/CO2 reduction
    • 2.4 million secured or created.

Next steps

  • Development of the portfolio software platform
  • We’re currently looking to expand our list of energy efficiency improvement suppliers. Get in contact if you are interested
  • We’re working with lenders and brokers to link to dedicated finance for improvements.

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