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Intelligent NetZero (InteNZ) building portfolio upgrading using AI powered financial analysis with digital certificates-based assurance.

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Project completed March - June 2023





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About the project

InteNZ is a novel data centric system for intelligently upgrading building portfolios; it addresses decarbonisation at scale by intelligently recommending the optimal retrofit path, reducing energy demand and improving heat efficiency. It provides strong assurance for both data and physical execution using secure digital records.

InteNZ targets public/private landlords and financial institutions. The intelligent AI powered tools unlock investment capital by reducing uncertainty, using a combination of economic, engineering, behavioural scenario planning. It makes qualified recommendations of Net Zero retrofit interventions, backed with data, and highlighting the ROI, risk and environmental impact under multiple environments.

We take a whole lifecycle approach, securely digitally recording both works undertaken and the post-retrofit evaluations. This provides long-term quality assurance, risk reduction and data for continuous evaluation and refinement of policy. We will embrace, extend and improve technical standards in this area to ensure broad ecosystem benefit.

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What has been delivered? What has been successful?

  • Proof of concept demonstrator for intelligent financial portfolio analysis
  • Proof of concept demonstrator of a digital certificate assurance system for Net Zero delivery
  • Detailed requirements and technical architecture based on a broad consultation of landlords and broader stakeholders
  • A technical whitepaper outlining the issues.

What did the project achieve?

Our proof of concept project has:

  • Validated there is real demand for the concept
  • Derisked delivery through the development of functional demonstrator
  • Refined our ideas surrounding end user interface and design
  • Led to a much broader set of stakeholder holders, potential collaborators and hopefully, eventually, customers.

Key lessons learnt

  • Initial concept needed simplifying considerably. Narrowing down focus on just two key ideas makes it easier to communicate and simpler to deliver.
  • Given uncertainty and volatility around government policy and macro economic backdrop, scenario planning (or digital twin) of the portfolio returns is essential
  • Partnership with established players is critical to success
  • Financial transparency and quality assurance of net zero delivery are the dominant factors for widespread upgrade.

Next steps

  • Turn our proof of concept demonstrators into fully fledged commercial products
  • Establish the necessary funding and cement the partner relationships needed to deliver.

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