Twin Path Ventures

Twin Path Ventures is a pre-seed and seed fund on a mission to back AI-first startups with highly technical, intelligent and committed teams seeking to bring a proprietary advance in deep tech to an industry they know.


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We believe that doing AI well is still a deep tech / engineering challenge. By investing in deep-tech startups coming out of some of the world’s leading academic institutions we will be accessing some of the most cutting-edge technologies with the potential for high growth.

Our average ticket size is around £500,000 and we are looking for SEIS and EIS deals.

All three of our partners, John, Nick and Katie have worked or still do work partly as advisors and mentors in the startup ecosystem and have helped teams achieve product market fit. This should give you an indication of the level of empathy and founder alignment that you can expect from our team. We take board observer seats in every company we invest in, primarily as a way to support and advise early-stage teams.


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