TSP Ventures

TSP Ventures is an early-stage investment firm investing in hard science and technology companies that address some of our most pressing environmental and climate challenges.



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Our strapline ‘Enterprise, People, Earth’ (EPE) encapsulates our core belief, that the role of enterprise is to serve the long-term wellbeing of people and the Earth.

Our purpose is to do everything we can to help founders and businesses with an EPE mindset succeed and our mission is to shift the global allocation of capital towards businesses with an EPE mindset and purpose.

When assessing an investment, we focus on 4 key areas:

  1. Environmental impact: Is the good, service or technology going to have a positive effect on people and the environment? Is this positive effect going to be significant and sustained?
  2. People: Do the team have intelligence, experience, grit, determination enthusiasm, hunger and humility? Do they have an EPE mindset and are they hungry for success? These are not mutually exclusive.
  3. Technology and markets: Here we are assessing saleability, scalability and defensibility of the product / business. In other words, is this a venture-style investment with the possibility of venture-style returns?
  4. Financial strategy: Is enough money being raised at a reasonable enough valuation and utilised in a way that maximises the company’s chances of achieving its next milestone / valuation inflexion point?

Our focus is on hardware or hybrid (hardware plus software) solutions in the early stages of development (typically at TRLs 4-7). We have particular interests in: Energy / Decarbonising Heavy Industry; Water / Food; Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage (including nature-based e.g., soil health); Waste, Circularity, & Pollution.

We typically back companies from pre-seed through seed-extension to Series A.

We give a high degree of support to our investments to de-risk and turbo-charge them. We call this approach ‘Venture then Nurture’. We want our investments to know that they can be open and honest with us and in return, we will give our help, support and advice both frankly and wholeheartedly. This will always come from a place of care and trust.

We help our companies with strategy, future capital raisings, business negotiations, connections, hiring and coaching but this must be invited. We don’t want to interfere.


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