Regenerate Ventures

Regenerate Ventures invests in early-stage agricultural innovation that has a positive impact on the health of our planet, society and future climate.


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Regenerate Ventures is an AgTech fund investing in early-stage agricultural technologies that are helping farmers to transition to more sustainable farming practices and to decarbonise the agricultural sector. We look for seed and growth stage start-ups. We make sure the companies have a minimum viable product that is ready for market and globally scalable with multi-billion-dollar opportunities. We focus on upstream AgTech (inside the farmgate) in areas such as bioTech & genetics, robotics, AI, data science, satellite imagery and sensors.

Regenerate Ventures invests smart patient capital into early stage AgTech companies and uses their expertise and understanding of the agricultural sector to help these companies test and trial and then commercialise their technologies. They have a deep understanding of how the agricultural sector works and a large network within it from research centres through to the major corporates in the industry.

The Regenerate Ventures team and advisory board have over 200+ years of combined experience in the Agricultural sector as well as having deployed 4 private equity funds and 2 venture capital funds. They have put over £500m to work across Agriculture, climate and renewable energy projects over the last 20 years.


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