Prostate Cancer Research

Mission driven investor seeking opportunities to invest in oncology focused companies with the potential to focus on prostate cancer.


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Prostate Cancer Research tailored approach, collaborative ethos and focus on patient impact supports patient-centric product development to ensure new technologies reach the clinic sooner. Our investment strategy goes beyond the purely financial, providing scientific, clinical & commercial insights.

Prostate Cancer Research (PCR) has over thirty-year’s experience of funding impactful biomedical research in prostate cancer. Our funding in research such as radiotherapy, immunotherapy and AI are driven by our deep understanding of patient need. In 2021 PCR launched its translational programme, Proven Connect, to harness the charities expertise and networks in supporting promising innovations from academia through to Series A.

Proven Connect accelerates the translation and uptake of innovations in therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices/Medtech and AI/data driven solutions. Our programme is supported by individuals who have extensive executive experience in developing startup and mid-size Pharma/Biotech, a deep knowledge of urological cancers and specialist clinical care, Pharma, healthcare regulation and patient advocacy.

If you are interested in learning more about how Proven Connect can support your company to succeed, please email Sonja Lawrence at:


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