Praesidium S.A.

Praesidium is a London-based Agri-FoodTech fund, investing in early- to mid-stage companies in the Agricultural and Food Technology sectors within the UK, Europe, Israel and North America.

Praesidium invests directly into companies, partnering with ambitious and visionary entrepreneurs and founders to address the challenges which the agricultural and food industries are faced with. While we invest along the entire value chain, our focus areas for investment include:

Reinventing Farming: Enhancing existing farming, making it more efficient and reducing the stress it puts on resources using break-through technologies like AI, IOT, sensors and monitoring. New ways of reinventing the idea of farming such as sustainable aquaculture, innovative animal feed, novel crops and technologies allowing new farming systems.

Clean Food: Producing food without increasing the pressure on resources and the environment through the application of novel technologies which allow to “grow” sustainable, traceable and nutritious food ingredients and novel foods.

Alternative Protein Sources: Providing enough protein for the increasing world population as replacement or an alternative to meat, dairy and other products.

Functional & Personalised Nutrition: Using data and new technologies to provide functional ingredients and foods to address specific health concerns and lifestyle diseases (e.g., gut health) and to develop optimised personal nutrition.

We are specifically seeking companies with a B2B technology, supported by defensible IP and company know-how. Our focus lies on investments in earlier phases (specifically Late-Seed, A and B financing rounds), where we can leverage our global network and expertise to help commercialise and scale up technologies. We will also consider funding companies at a more advanced stage, where we can support accelerated growth through the power of our network.


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