London Venture Partners

London Venture Partners (LVP) is an early-stage fund with a valuable difference: we’re operating experts in the games ecosystem.


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The team has been seed investors in game companies that have created over $30 billion in value through exits including Supercell, Unity, Playfish and NaturalMotion. LVP has invested in many other great companies including Singularity 6, Bossa Studios, PnkFrg, Treehouse Games, and many others.

Our investment Criteria:

  • The company must be related to the gaming ecosystem e.g. at least one segment of their business focused on gaming.
  • Stage: Pre-seed or Seed
  • Investment terms: We will invest anywhere between £250,000 to £2 million for a 10% – 20% equity stake.
  • What we typically invest in: interactive entertainment, studios, content, technology, platforms, and services related to the gaming/interactive entertainment industry.

Our Value Add:

All the partners are ex-operators within the gaming industry. This means we’ve done 2-founders-in-a-garage start-ups. We’ve helped companies transition from a back-of-an-envelope vision to a multi-billion-dollar powerhouse. Our passion is to help our founders strategically, financially and operationally. We speak the same language, share the same references, understand the same challenges and will bring real experience and deep understanding.

We like to give our founders an unfair advantage. We will leverage our network, reputation and far-reaching connections in the gaming industry to support our portfolio companies across all stages. We’ve helped our portfolio companies recruit for key positions, define their product strategies, formulate company culture, given executive coaching and assisted in raising multi-million-pound follow-on funding rounds with one of the best in-class graduation rates in the industry.

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