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Here at Fearless Adventures, we like to do things differently.

We are built by founders, for founders, and through our unique investment model, we aim to accelerate a company’s growth trajectory to help the founder achieve a market-leading exit.

The genesis of Fearless Adventures came from our frustration as founders ourselves: building, scaling, and exiting our own businesses while working within the confined boundaries of a rigid investment landscape, whereby investors provided little support outside of money alone. In response, we’ve built an investment model that provides a platform of genuine support, helping founders to tackle the ever-growing list of challenges that come with scaling a business. Investment through Fearless Adventures brings not only capital but also mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs, omni-channel marketing expertise from industry specialists, recruitment support to help build a team, warehousing and fulfilment services, financial accounting, and strategic exit planning.

Our first-hand experience in scaling and exiting some of the most exciting brands in the UK has led us to focus our investments on the e-commerce, technology, and consumer landscape, with a passion for supporting founders from underrepresented groups and those looking to leave a positive impact on our planet. We’re proud to share that 33% of businesses in our existing investment portfolio are female-founded, 55% are female co-founded, and 89% of businesses are based in the North of England, a region that has historically been underserved by the investment community.


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