Epidarex Capital

Epidarex Capital is a venture capital firm led by a diverse team of early-stage investors building breakthrough life science companies in emerging hubs within the UK and US.



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Our aim is to build extraordinary companies that transform novel science into the next generation of highly successful drugs and medical devices. As founding investors, we provide seed or Series A funds to and have a strong track record of attracting follow-on investment from top tier funds.

We often partner with leading universities and research institutions to provide much needed capital for their most innovative ideas.

We invest in most areas of life science including biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, medical devices and health tech.

Key factors that we consider in our evaluation include:

  • Disruptive platform technologies that address large and unmet medical needs.
  • Novel innovations that offer a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Future pipeline of high value products deliverable to the patient or customer.
  • Robust Intellectual Property portfolios (patents, trade secrets and “know how”).
  • Prospective commercial partners and early evidence of market validation.
  • Early traction and support from key opinion leaders and health practitioners.
  • Clear regulatory (and where applicable, insurance reimbursement) strategies.
  • Efficient use of capital.
  • Highly driven and tenacious founders and entrepreneurs.
  • Potential for outstanding financial return and significant patient impact.

Our international management team has a track record of successfully partnering with scientists and entrepreneurs to develop highly innovative products for the global healthcare market. We leverage our extensive relationships, industry operating experience and a disciplined investment approach to add significant value to our portfolio companies and to generate strong returns on investment for our investors.


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