Deep Science Ventures

Deep Science Ventures invests in high impact companies which we have built in-house and with strategic partners, using our unique innovation methodology.


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We focus across 4 main sectors:

  • Climate
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agriculture
  • Computation

We co-invest with financial and industry leaders into these companies at spin-out/pre-seed stage and follow on at seed stage in 20-30% of portfolio companies.

Investment Criteria:

  • Impact against top level outcome – e.g., global temperature or curative potential.
  • Team – ability for team to deliver against key outcomes to impact and to overcome likely blockers.
  • Technology – time to TRL 9 (Net Zero) or to patient impact / clinical POC (Therapeutics) and to intermediate milestones on the development path, Technology capable of solving impact and customer/patient outcomes provided it follows predicted de-risking path, inherent tech risks are addressable through detailed and executable POC workplans.
  • Neglected – Novel, Inventive, Freedom to Operate and potential to generate novel IP, compounding effects in business model / product design.
  • Value Capture – High margin unit economics (Net Zero), cost-benefit clearly defined (Therapeutics), primary and secondary market (patient) segments identified, evidence of initial interest in partnership / collaboration / sales, business model is well-defined.
  • Market – customers accessible through proven repeatable route to market, growing market or market with substantial unaddressed needs, market meets minimum scale criteria, scaling is not prohibited by external factors (e.g., materials or regulatory environment).

The value we add to investees:

  • We build deep relationships with our founders.
  • Community – we have community events within and across different sectors to bring people with similar mindsets together and to enable: problem solving, talent referrals, collective ideation, ongoing investment connections, industry input, operational advice.
  • We offer direct investment to companies we have built as well as working with our wide network of investors and industry contacts to enable additional investment ranging from angels and early funders to top tier firms, and to introduce/support meaningful partnerships and collaborations.
  • We have a deep understanding of teams and their technology and can help with very detailed problem solving.
  • We provide connections with potential customer groups, advisors and mentors.

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