Boundary Capital Partners

Boundary Capital Partners LLP is an impact, for-profit, B2B technology investor.


Boundary Capital Partners


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We are regulated by the FCA as a venture capital investor. Typically we invest early stage to Series A up to £500k per investment round (we can follow our money).

We have invested in life sciences, medical devices, materials, engineering and software all within our Impact Life Fund where we have a proprietary impact methodology (“Equivalent Lives Impacted” or “ELI”) that transcends any technology type to validate the positive impact on humanity. This aligns very strongly with Innovate’s UK Plan of Action.

We have also launched the Boundary Net Zero Technology Fund which sets out to invest in disruptive technologies addressing decarbonisation, directly or indirectly. We have invested and co-invested with Innovate UK several times as a fund and within our investee companies.

We are made up of experienced entrepreneurs and investors, and we have a wealth of expertise and connectivity to bring as required in terms of business development, product development, technology R&D and strategy to finding partners and exiting.

We are always happy to speak to businesses whatever stage they are in their investment cycle, try to help and align towards investment where there’s a fit.


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