ACT Ventures

ACT Venture Partners (ACT) is an experienced early-stage VC investor with a proven track record of backing deep tech ventures in Europe and the UK.


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The fund manager and the funds under management are regulated in the Netherlands under the EU AIF and AIFM. We have a dedicated investment team here in the UK.

We define the deep tech sector as one that includes spin-offs and startups whose business is built around unique, differentiated, often protected or hard-to-reproduce technological or scientific advances. Our primary focus is the following technology areas: (1) Emerging Digital Technologies, (2) Technologies for Healthcare, and (3) Technologies Serving Sustainability.

We invest predominantly starting from the Seed stage and continuing in the following rounds. We prefer an ownership target of 10-20% per deal by investing EUR 500k – EUR 1 Mn as an initial investment. We also like to lead or co-lead the investment rounds. We can allocate up to EUR 5 Mn per deal for follow-on rounds.

Our three pillars of the selection criteria are – the team, problem-solution fit, and product-market fit.

Early-stage deep tech ventures have to cope with numerous challenges. We help them on these from day one: (a) growth strategy, (b) Series A readiness, (c) Catalysing Networking, and (d) corporate governance.

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