Using AI and machine learning to drive mentoring for equality



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Robotics & AI

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Using AI and machine learning to drive mentoring for equality

Wowment is a digital platform and app that connects mentors with beneficiaries using groundbreaking AI and machine learning technology. It aims to use mentorship to drive greater equality and encourage companies to better support diverse talent within the workforce.

Wowment’s mentoring experience product trains corporate mentors to support disadvantaged beneficiaries of local charities. This not only means better support and more charity funding, but increased competence and confidence for corporate clients when developing diverse talent.

Thanks to Wowment, 70 percent of beneficiaries have moved from homelessness or long-term unemployment into full-time education or employment within 12 months. Corporate clients have also experienced a shift in staff behaviour, with 89 percent feeling able to better support diverse talent.

With the help of the Innovate UK Inclusive Innovation Award, founder Fran Boorman wants to create safeguarding and impact measurement technology to grow a charity marketplace and further incentivise potential mentors.

Fran believes that mentoring is the number one intervention to increase the progression of minority groups, and with this innovation, they have the ability to create a mass movement of mentoring for social mobility.

“Wowment is on a mission to create a nationwide culture of mentoring that drives more equality, and this innovation will be leading that charge,” Fran explains.


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