The Allergy Team

Helping families living with food allergies to thrive






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Helping families living with food allergies to thrive

The Allergy Team helps families living with food allergies to thrive. With an engaged community of families, parents and carers can share important, potentially life-saving information about their child’s allergies with others.

The Innovate UK Innovation Award will help the team deliver their new project – the creation of personalised videos for their members. These videos provide clear, practical and essential information, which can be easily understood by anyone. As a result, children who suffer from allergies will no longer be excluded.

“Better understanding of food allergies will encourage empathy for children with the condition and the personalised videos will explain their food allergy in an engaging and comprehensive way, breaking down barriers and overcoming stigma,” says founder, Sarah Knight.

The Allergy Team’s dream is to become the go-to resource for families with food allergies. Eventually, their platform will be highly personalised, featuring bespoke functionality and interactive options for each user. The team also believes that the platform can be expanded to support adults and children with other health conditions.


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