Supporting the deaf community with the latest in AI vibration technology



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Supporting the deaf community with the latest in AI vibration technology

SensoRail uses smart sound algorithms to convert non-verbal sounds into dynamic vibration patterns, allowing deaf users to engage more fully while watching TV.

The team plans to develop an app that uses an AI acoustic model and the phone’s built-in microphone to convert TV audio into intelligent, customised vibration patterns. The innovation will allow users to sense and remember specific vibrations associated with non-speech sounds, such as footsteps or a dog barking.

AI acoustic engineer Anwar Almojarkesh set out to help the deaf and those with hearing loss feel more connected with their surroundings. They first used their smart sound algorithms to notify deaf or hard-of-hearing users of emergency sounds such as alarms, before founding SensoRail.

Winning the Innovate UK Inclusive Innovation Award has given the team the opportunity to achieve their main goal of improving the lives of deaf people, such as helping them get a job, engage in social activities and live independently. With the help of the programme, they hope to become leaders in AI solutions for people affected by hearing difficulties.

Anwar’s advice for others looking to develop inclusive innovations? “Get involved with the community – you are looking to solve their problems, so understand their needs and challenges, and don’t build it on random assumptions.”


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