Pattern Project

Creating an on-demand fashion industry for a more sustainable and inclusive future





Manufacturing & Sustainability

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Creating an on-demand fashion industry for a more sustainable and inclusive future

Pattern Project is dedicated to transforming the fashion industry worldwide, making the process more sustainable and accessible for all

Their cutting-edge robotics and custom-fit software are both cost effective and easy to use, and enable garments to be manufactured locally just moments after they’ve been ordered. They believe that this will not only stop overproduction of unsold garments, but also create meaningful, well-paid jobs for garment workers.

Garment works have played a crucial role in developing prototypes of the new software. In the future, they want to get their hardware and software market-ready and build a strong foundation for their product. To do this, they plan to partner with a garment manufacturing equipment provider to market their solution across the UK – before they roll out to other countries.

Innovate UK’s Inclusive Innovation award aligns with Pattern Project’s goal of using technology and innovation to drive positive change in the lives of garment workers.

“We chose to apply for the Inclusive Innovation Award because it aligns with our mission to develop a technology pipeline and automation that puts people first and enhances the job roles of garment workers. We see this award as a platform to showcase our efforts and demonstrate our commitment to creating a more meaningful work experience for these workers,” says Shruti Grover, founder of Pattern Project.


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