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Diversifying freelance talent pools to support creative industry recovery



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Diversifying freelance talent pools to support creative industry recovery

As a market leader in night time economy consultancy and management, Night Time Economy Solutions (NTES) is on a mission to make nightlife, arts and culture safer, more inclusive, and more vibrant.

Seeing the effect of the pandemic on workforces, the team developed a new tool, Resynk, to support the recovery of creative industries and address societal and economic pressures.

Resynk connects organisations with freelancers from around the UK, serving as a comprehensive talent source for businesses seeking creative experts. NTES founder, Jo Cox-Brown, explains more:

“Freelancers will complete for each project on a level playing field, removing the reliance on word-of-mouth referrals which traditionally favour a few industry veterans. Resynk will ensure that new market entrants, diverse freelancers and those from levelling up areas are seen.”

Favouring an inclusive approach, Resynk ensures all UK-based freelancers have more economic opportunities and are paid fairly. Organisations get access to an excellent, diverse talent pool – helping them to build better and faster.

“By giving voice and expression to more diverse talent, Resynk has the potential to create a richer tapestry of artistic output in the UK arts sector,” says Jo.

Winning the Innovate UK Inclusive Innovation Award will allow the product to reach the market 24 months sooner and enable better support at a critical stage for the industry.


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