Neurodiverse Self Advocacy Partnership

Providing autistic peer mentoring to facilitate rehabilitation of ex-offenders



South East (England)


Health & Sustainability

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Providing autistic peer mentoring to facilitate rehabilitation of ex-offenders

The Neurodiverse Self Advocacy Partnership (NDSA) provides autistic peer mentoring for autistic ex-offenders. With the support of the Innovate UK Inclusive Innovation Award, the team wants to develop a new intervention to facilitate rehabilitation and resettlement in the community, and reduce the reoffending rate of ex-offenders.

As a neurodivergent founder, Marie Van Herteryck is passionate about providing opportunities for other neurodivergent people. She explains that many autistic people enter the criminal justice system because of misunderstandings that have escalated.

With the help of NDSA, autistic ex-offenders can receive guidance and support so they can thrive. This can then have a positive knock-on effect across society by reducing the number of repeat offenders and creating savings for the taxpayer.

“Reoffending costs the taxpayer £18 billion per year. With the development of this programme we hope to reduce the reoffending rate of autistic offenders by 50%, resulting in an estimated saving of £450 million,” explains Marie.

For other businesses aspiring to develop inclusive innovations, Marie recommends bringing a wide range of people into your project.

“Involve as diverse a group of people as possible in your project, so you can draw on a richer pool of talent and experiences. This will result in more sustainable, more imaginative and truly innovative solutions.”


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