The app that can offer live translation in over 37 languages



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The app that can offer live translation in over 37 languages

Mymanu offers smart consumer electronics that enrich people’s experience through the power of sound, including the world’s first truly wireless earbuds with live voice translation.

The brand’s existing AI translation and communication app is helping users to immerse themselves in local culture by enabling seamless communications in 37 different languages.  The team are now further developing the app, integrating new languages and features to enable asylum seekers to communicate with authorities in their own language.

Most of the Asylum seekers do not speak the native language of their destination country, which means charities and government-funded organisations must pay human interpreters to help them. Mymanu’s technology can significantly reduce translation budgets, by enabling the live translation of face-to-face conversations, text messages and administrative documents.

Co-founder Rodolphe Soulard says: “Our technology not only reduces translation costs to refugee associations and Home Office-funded organisations, but it helps Asylum seekers integrate easier, find a job and generate wealth for the UK. We feel very proud to have been awarded this grant – only 50 businesses in the UK are going to receive it.”

Thanks to the Inclusive Innovation Award, they hope to build a more inclusive society in which non-native speakers, including those seeking asylum, can integrate smoothly and achieve independence. The opportunity to scale up and help people in Britain and across the world is enormous.


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