The mobile app encouraging upskilling opportunities for frontline staff






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The mobile app encouraging upskilling opportunities for frontline staff

Moonstar is a mobile app that helps to increase engagement and retention of frontline workers by providing company communication, onboarding processes, personal development, pulse checks and nudges.

As CEO of a hospitality business, Moonstar founder Alexandra Copos de Prada was inspired by workers providing essential services and their ability to juggle their job with other responsibilities. However, she struggled to keep employees engaged, motivated and productive, and failed to find any platform that could help her address these issues.

Thanks to the funding available to winners of the Innovate UK Inclusive Innovation Award 22/23, Moonstar will be building tailored upskilling paths for their app that can easily be scaled to thousands of workers. The team will also build NEO, a smart digital coachbot, to help guide people along their career growth paths whilst still considering their individual challenges.

They hope that this will reduce inequality by unlocking countless opportunities for thousands of frontline staff by making their app accessible to minority and racialised communities including (but not limited to) women and people with low income.

“This Award will help us at Moonstar change lives for the better. With the development of our tailored upskilling paths, we can easily scale impactful upskilling opportunities to thousands of frontline workers, infinitely expanding the capacity of any Learning & Development department,” says Alexandra.


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