Kids Speech Labs

Promoting early intervention for children’s speech and language therapy services



Yorkshire and the Humber



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Promoting early intervention for children’s speech and language therapy services

Kids Speech Labs is developing a digital health solution for children’s speech and language therapy services. Their remote screening and support platform is focusing on promoting early intervention, helping the NHS support families on waiting lists for services and those who have fallen through the gaps in the system.

With the Innovate UK Innovation Award, the team can focus more on identifying the best target users and expanding their services to provide more support to the families most in need. This work will be mainly completed at clinical locations across Yorkshire and The Humber, working closely with partner organisations like Locala, Calderdale Council and Huddersfield NHS trust.

“We want our innovation to be an integral part of the referral and screening care pathway, making it accessible in as many settings as possible through inclusive design and co-development,” says Shona D’Arcy, founder of Kids Speech Labs.

In the future, Kids Speech Labs are hoping to do more to support the most disadvantaged communities they serve – whether this is around digital poverty, illiteracy or where English is not a first language. By doing so, they hope that they can minimise the attainment gap that exists, leading to a more inclusive and equal future.


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