Human Beauty

Challenging perceptions in the beauty industry with adaptive makeup products



South West (England)



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Challenging perceptions in the beauty industry with adaptive makeup products

Beauty brand Human Beauty is on a mission to make cosmetics more inclusive, with a specific focus on disability inclusion and adaptive products.

Human Beauty’s products include an omni-directional mascara wand which allows individuals with reduced mobility to apply mascara in a vertical motion.

It also has a makeup palette resembling an adult colouring book, which is designed to provide a therapeutic experience. The palette includes a QR code that directs users to a detailed audio or visual descriptor video for visually impaired and blind consumers.

Securing the Innovate UK Inclusive Innovation Award is enabling founder Millie Flemington-Clare to continue developing and launching new adaptive beauty products. Their ultimate goal is to break down barriers in the beauty industry which prevent disabled people from being included and represented.

Millie describes herself as “filled with gratitude and excitement” to win the Award and believes it will help her to progress faster:

“This Award represents a major milestone for my business. It will make a huge difference in the progress and speed at which we can continue to disrupt the beauty industry and bring new innovations to the adaptive beauty space.”

“This award will help me achieve my long-term ambitions for my innovation, which is to establish my brand as the go-to source for authentic and innovative adaptive beauty products.

“In the next 5 years, I aspire to sell my brand to a larger parent brand and become a member of their board of advisors for diversity and inclusion. This will give me a larger platform to advocate for inclusive innovation and help drive change in the industry.”


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