Green Bean Studios

Inspiring the next generation to champion inclusivity, diversity and sustainability



North West (England)



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Inspiring the next generation to champion inclusivity, diversity and sustainability

Green Bean Studios is a children’s entertainment brand hoping to inspire the next generation to champion inclusivity, diversity and sustainability.

Their innovations support children with special educational needs, learning difficulties and speech delays, with products varying from eco toys to multi-sensory books. These help children from a variety of demographics – with different learning styles and abilities – to develop key skills through exploration, problem-solving and creativity.

For example, the team recently went on a journey with a mother and two-year-old son who had a speech delay. After using books from the Green Bean Collection, published by Green Bean Studios, they helped develop the child’s vocabulary and communication – by the time he was five, the son had completely overcome his speech delay.

Founded by Anita Frost, Green Bean Studios combines over 20 years of child development experience and over 30 years of creative and business industry experience.

The team are now launching three new innovations including a multi-sensory two-part soft toy, and intend to use the Innovate UK Inclusive Innovation Award funding to grow their team, so they can continue to collaborate with new individuals and organisations, support the local community and improve society.

“We have so much more in the pipelines at Green Bean Studios within our innovation centre to impact and tackle key societal issues including the ecological crisis, childhood obesity, and children’s declining mental health,” says Anita.

The Award aligns with the team’s commitment to inclusivity, diversity and sustainability, and will help serve their mission to help young children develop and learn with confidence.


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