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Giving people with dementia the power to live independently





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Giving people with dementia the power to live independently

GG Care employs unique technology that uses Amazon Alexa to support people living with dementia with everyday activities using interactive voice reminders called Digital Interventions (DIs).

Digital Interventions simplify tasks by breaking them down into digestible steps with a series of questions and prompts, helping individuals gain back their confidence and independence.

Following his grandmother’s dementia diagnosis, GG Care founder David Grey became her carer. But when trying to support her, he found that existing solutions failed to consider the people being cared for and the support they need to live independently.

“People with dementia often need reminders to complete everyday activities like showering, eating and taking medication. […] However, a simple reminder to complete a task can be insufficient,” says David.

The next step for GG Care is to get more data to power AI capabilities by using other smart devices. This will allow them to gain better insights into patient behaviour and provide more appropriate Digital Interventions.

Winning the Innovate UK Inclusive Innovation Award will allow David and the team to capitalise on the inclusive learnings from their recent testbed, as well as increase representation for black people in tech and inspire inclusive design development.


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