Menopause Reality

Creating immersive films to challenge stigmas around the menopause



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Creating immersive films to challenge stigmas around the menopause

Forward Slash Films uses immersive storytelling to provide education and create a powerful emotional impact. Its latest project, Menopause Reality, aims to improve awareness and challenge stigmas to deliver cultural and attitudinal change around the menopause.

Founder Liz Cunningham had the idea for Menopause Reality after hearing menopause consultant, Diane Danzebrink on the radio, talking about her own “horrendous experience” with the menopause. Liz is now producing a series of immersive films, which will give a direct and intimate look at an individual’s experience with the menopause.

Liz hopes that the films will drive widespread and deeper understanding of the challenges of the menopause. This could lead to significant benefits for women in the workplace, including improved retention, gender equality and greater support during the menopause.

Securing the Innovate UK Inclusive Innovation Award means that Menopause Reality can expand its knowledge base and product offering to reflect the varied experiences of the menopause.

“My long-term ambition is to produce an ever-growing library of immersive films, each sharing an individual experience of the menopause – their own Menopause Reality. Ultimately we want to improve health and economic outcomes for all women as they experience the menopause,” Liz says.

“This award will allow us to ensure that more of the stories shared represent the varied experiences of the menopause from all women.

“This includes women from different socio-economic, cultural, religious and racial groups, those with disabilities, those with physical or mental health issues, those with different gender identities, as well as experiences from younger women who have been through premature menopause.”


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