The digital platform that helps women take back control of their money



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The digital platform that helps women take back control of their money

Financielle started as an anonymous Instagram account, documenting founder Laura Pomfret’s journey with her personal finances. Its popularity was the catalyst for Financielle, a digital playbook that is designed to help others manage their finances.

After discovering that 95 percent of their demographic were women, the business focused on helping women and families improve their financial wellbeing, through tailored content and guides, as well as interactive tools that support savings targets, debt reduction and budgeting. While many financial products or brands highlighted the gender wealth and investment gap, nobody had provided the tools needed to close it.

Since then, Financielle has bootstrapped and launched the first woman-focused finance app, closed their pre-seed investment round and launched Financielle 2.0. The team now hopes to do more with the help of the Innovate UK Inclusive Innovation Award.

“We currently host an engaging community of people within a WhatsApp group, but the funding will allow us to bring this community to life within the Financielle App. The Innovate UK grant will fund the technology to host the community including people to manage the project,” explains Laura.

“Bringing community into the Financielle App will ensure our product remains inclusive, innovative and accessible for all.”


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