Using voice-centric onboarding software to deliver better career support







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Using voice-centric onboarding software to deliver better career support

Earlybird is designed to empower everyone to reach their full potential, regardless of background. This voice-centric, conversational onboarding software allows employability providers to build trust with frequently-overlooked jobseekers and deliver better quality, scalable career support.

Unfortunately, some individuals experience limited career opportunities due to factors beyond their control. These include the home they’re born into, the neighbourhood they grew up in or what jobs their parents do.

Providers gain a deep understanding of participants thanks to an engaging, accessible onboarding experience powered by advanced voice technology. The software converts high levels of detail into digestible insights, reducing margins, increasing revenue and supporting more job seekers.

Winning the Innovate UK Inclusive Innovation Award allows the team to continue refining their voice-centric technology, plus:

  • Demonstrate software benefits for users with English as a Second Language
  • Increase awareness of the importance of inclusive technology
  • Inspire other innovators who are developing inclusive solutions

EarlyBird founder Claudine Adeyemi views inclusive innovation as “a business imperative”, and applied because the Award aligns with their mission to promote inclusion and equity. She explains what winning means to them:

“This recognition and support will allow us to further our impact and bring our solution to even more job-seekers. It will help us achieve our vision where everyone has the ability to achieve their full career potential.”

Long term, Earlybird hopes to revolutionise the employability sector and make a significant impact on job-seeker outcomes, becoming the go-to onboarding solution.


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