Innovating the electric vehicle sector with a more accessible charger




South West (England)



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Innovating the electric vehicle sector with a more accessible charger

Duku is a product design consultancy that has helped businesses develop their ideas all the way through to production. Since launching nine years ago, the team at Duku has developed over 500 products – simultaneously challenging industry norms whilst still meeting commercial requirements.

After several projects in the electric vehicle (EV) sector, the team at Duku decided to design a radically new EV charger to improve the current offering and make charging more accessible to all, including those affected by mobility impairment.

Their design addresses current charging barriers by removing physical barriers around the base of the charger and motorising the cable – allowing users to easily extend and retract up to 7.5 metres of heavy cable using buttons mounted on the plug. From the payment method to installation, Duku’s holistic approach has been tested by a range of drivers – with very positive results to date.

The Innovate UK Inclusive Innovation Award funding enables Duku to finally bring their idea to fruition, which requires further development and trials before it can go to market.

“Having worked from the outset with real drivers and conducting research involving practical real-world testing, the Award allows us to complete important final validation testing on the design before it enters the market,” says founder, Andrew Aylesbury.


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