The smart glove providing independence to global sign language users





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The smart glove providing independence to global sign language users

BrightSign’s ambition is to make sure that innovations in electronics, AI and other promising technologies benefit those who need it most.

Giving a voice to those who can’t speak, its smart glove contains cutting-edge sensing technology that recognises gestures and translates them into speech. It even recognises non-standard sign language, providing potential independence to some 230 million non-verbal individuals worldwide.

After completing a PhD in Machine Learning and Gesture Recognition, founder Hadeel Ayoub created the first prototype of the BrightSign glove, a life-changing technology now used across six continents.

The team is committed to creating technologies that include marginalised or excluded people. With the support of the Innovate UK Inclusive Innovation Award, Hadeel hopes to make the technology even more accessible and available to the most vulnerable in society:

“We are working towards making our innovation as affordable as possible so that every person who could benefit from a BrightSign glove is able to access one. Our hope is that one day, we can help to give a voice to everyone, everywhere,” she says.


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