Democratising the art of professional bra-fitting using computer vision





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Democratising the art of professional bra-fitting using computer vision

With brands unable to deliver professional bra-fitting services at scale, more than 80 percent of people wear ill-fitting bras. Brarista uses patent-pending visual technology to democratise access to professional bra-fitting, so every bra wearer can be fitted from home.

The brainchild of Bella Trang Ngo and co-founder Dr. Prashant Aparajeya, Brarista aims to deliver an inclusive, accessible and accurate online measurement guide. This will help bra-wearers access comfortable and supportive bras.

The innovation will use a human-centred approach, exploring the specific bra-fitting needs of pregnant and nursing women who may struggle to maintain good breast support due to changing body shape. Brarista aims to reduce adverse effects on health and wellbeing, and democratise professional knowledge to educate bra wearers and improve fit quality.

As an immigrant founder who works with neurodiverse people across disciplines, inclusive innovation is important to Bella: “We value the Award’s ethos because we are dedicated to creating accessible technology and solving issues for diverse bra wearers.”

Winning the Innovate UK Inclusive Innovation Award will allow the team to expand their research to more body types and improve the accuracy of the system, continuing their mission to champion body diversity and boost the confidence of vulnerable groups.


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