Helping autistic children to overcome social communication challenges





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Helping autistic children to overcome social communication challenges

In the UK, social communication challenges affect over 400,000 children aged 3-11 who are diagnosed with autism and other developmental speech delay difficulties. Whilst effective interventions exist, the scarcity of qualified professional resources and limited funding are problematic.

Autsera helps children overcome social communication barriers and unlock their full potential. They build inclusive, innovative products that democratise social communication training, making it accessible, affordable and fun for all.

Having already created two inclusive innovations for social skills training – EmoGami and QuadEmo – the team set out to fill the gap in training solutions for autistic children.

Their latest project combines open-source speech recognition technology with effective speech therapy methods in a mobile app that helps children improve their communication skills.

Winning the Innovate UK Inclusive Innovation Award will make a substantial difference to Autsera, as co-founder Inas Ismail explains:

“[This] will enable us to deliver an inclusive, innovative product in a high-demand market that can help us support hundreds of thousands of autistic children.

“The grant funding will boost our R&D and accelerate our route to market. The Award will also celebrate and showcase our work, which will improve our visibility and strengthen our market position.”


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