Theory of 30: Connecting people with local physical activity opportunities to improve health and wellbeing

Connecting those in the community, especially those at high risk of poor physical and mental health with movement/physical activity opportunities in their local area. Helping the community, individuals and local economy by helping small businesses focused on physical activity to get online for free.



Lead Organisation

Theory of 30 C.I.C.


North West (England)


Creating healthy Active places, Sustaining Physical Activity

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About the project

Theory of 30 CIC is a community aware, health conscious, social enterprise, on a mission to connect people to movement.

The Theory of 30 model aims to connect those in the community with movement opportunities operating their area. We aim to work directly with communities who are at high risk of poor physical and mental health, are socially isolated and experience barriers to traditional movement opportunities.

We want to help small community physical activity businesses get online, for free, so they can develop awareness of their services, increase their trade and help the people that matter to them most, the residents of their local patch. On the other side we want to make it easier for local people to search for activities in their area, whether that’s a structured session at a leisure centre or community hall, a local walking route or a zoom-based movement class, from the safety of their own home.


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