The 3Scooter

A revolutionary, stunning mobility scooter that uses robotics technology to solve the inherent flaw in all scooters: a lack of stability, to support older users to stay active. 3Scooter self-levels, is light, affordable and sits riders at 90% of standing height, to provide safety and inclusion.


Transport and Mobility Pathfinder

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About the project

Supersmith are solving the core problem of all three wheeled mobility scooters: stability. The 3Scooter uses robotics technology to self-level the vehicle aiming to provide the safest mobility scooter available. At just 20kg, it will be one of the lightest mobility scooters on the market and will seat users at 90% of their standing height so they don’t feel ‘looked down on.’ Providing users at any age and of any walking ability with independent mobility.


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